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December 02, 2007


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Kenny Kim

Hey Courtney! I read your winning email on Mike's blog. You are an incredible person. Can't wait to meet you in Newport!


I found your site through Mike Colon's and am so glad that I did!! As I started reading your letter, the things on my mind were how incredibly tired I am, this sinus headache that I can't shake, piles of work sitting in my office...that all dissappeared as I read the last word of your initial email to Mike.

Courtney, you are a tremendous blessing to many. If I could swing it, I would love to attend the workshop just to be surrounded by people like you! That's what it's all about right? The relationships and friendships we make this side of heaven. That's what will last! Continue doing what you do with your tremendous talents...and your tremendous love.

Anne Marie

So excited that God is allowing you a little deserve one! I am really happy for you!...and your daughter is a beautiful little girl!


Congratulations Courtney!

I am so very happy for you, and trust you will have a wonderful experience with Mike and everyone at the workshop.

When I went to the work shop all of us rented a mansion together. It was an awesome experience and saved everyone a bunch of money. Maybe you could get the list of attendees from Mike (or Mike can just send out a general email seeing if anyone is interested. It is great spending the extra time together.

But then again, my daughter is 6, and my son is 4, so I could totally understand if you want to get your own place, have some down time too, and totally chill. I just wanted to mention it to you in case you were interested.

Once again, congratulations!

Nick Haskins

Congrats Courtney! Well deserved!

Alex Rodriguez

Congratulations, Mike's workshop WILL change every aspect of your photography and even make you rethink your approach to life and everything you do. He is an awesome person.

J Sandfier

Congrats! Mike is such a great guy and so giving. I attended one of his first workshops about 4 years that workshop I met DJ, Dane and Mark Adams who have become terrific friends. Mike has a lot to teach, but go there with an open mind in meeting people who you will have a connection with for years to come!

gina lee

wow... Congrats... You are so deserving after reading your letter on Mike's blog... now, you are going to the top girl. Good luck with all you do... Oh Ya! I saw your meez. I made one too. those are addicting... Thanks for sharing...

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