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January 29, 2008


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Nick Haskins

OMG!! I loooove the direction your branding is headed!

I still insists that Mike brainwashed you..but it worked! Haha!


Great news....I think that is an excellent decision.

Mandy Hank

I love it! Can I please come? Do you have to meet in Tampa? Can't you come closer, you know somewhere near the Phoenix area?
No? Hmm, ok. :)

Steve Colwill

Love the business card! Very good concept. Looks clean!
One question... is the blog changing, too? Hopefully you'll give us the new link before you suddenly drop off the face of the blog-o-sphere! : )


haha yes, during the switcheroo this week all new links will be given :) The new blog link will be and I'll let you guys know this week when it is offically switched over! I'm so excited that you guys are diggin' it :-) You're the best!

Justin Wesbrooks

Looks nice... Keep it up.


Love the new look! Very swank :)

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