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February 26, 2008


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Aww, poor thing! I'm so glad she didn't hit her head or something and do worse damage! She has such a great mom...I've been reading your blogs and keeping you both in my prayers. I can't imagine having to go through as much as you do, but I know God is taking care of you, holding you in His hands. Remember, He won't let you face more than you can bear! *hug*


awwwww poor kid, been there when my little ones had to get their school shots and they ran out of the one shot with all the vaccines and had to do multiple, the "Why are they doing this to me cry" is unbearable. Plastic plates for sure they will throw them too.

Mandy Hank Photography

The purple is so Piper! :) Poor thing.

Angela Hefner

Poor little thing....hopefully it'll heal super fast and she can be out of that splint...although it IS a very pretty purple!:)

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