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February 23, 2008


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Donavan Freberg


These images are WONDERFUL!

Were they taken with the D300?

I'm gonna get one soon, do you like it?

Keep up the stellar work!



These are wonderful pix! I've been wanting to check out Micanopy as a place to shoot for a while...great job, and what a great couple!!

crystal petersen

Awesome Job, Court!!!! These are wonderful. Wow, wish I could find a place like that to the car. I bet you were in heaven here. Love it.


Luv em'


Luv em'


Donavan: Yes, these were taken with the D300 with a various series of lenses. I love my has been an amazing camera and does really well at high ISO. My next jump will definitely entail the D3, but the D300 is, in and of itself, nothing short of amazing!

Thanks so much guys for your comments...they are an amazing couple!

Erin Harvey

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Are you sure these weren't hired models? Oh I'm so excited for you that you get to do their wedding next weekend. I look forward to seeing those pictures!

Mandy Hank Photography

Courtney- these are awesome- I love the image on the car- totally rad! :)

Will Hawkins (Liam)

Beautiful shots, Courtney! And a beautiful location, too!

Phillip Glickman

awesome location! great shots. way to go courtney!

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