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March 18, 2008


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Justin Wesbrooks

Good stuff... Wish I could have been there.

Tammy Marcelain

GREAT PICS! Love every one of them. Your colors are amazing. So glad you got to go.


Love the pictures!
I'm obsessed with reading your blog every morning!! :) I am so excited for all the amazing adventures you find yourself on!


Love the colors Courtney! Nice Lamborghini too, was that Bob's or the couple's car? :)

Samantha (the bride)

Hi :) I LOVE The photos. You made me look so beautiful (and what bride doesn't love that?) You caught some "new" moments that the other photographers hadn't shown, and while i love them all, i really love these new moments if that makes sense. The one of me on the phone has special significance to me and i love it, also the one of nathan and i on the bus, the one of me (in the room i think?) laughing (black and white headshot, with veil). I also love the shot of Levi, The first day after shot of Amanda (on the slideshow). The one of Nathan spinning me (both) the kiss at the ceremony....okay wait, I get it! I LOVE THEM ALL. I know the circumstances weren't the easiest, but you created standout images from a both a photographers perspective and also images that warm my heart and make me feel warm and fuzzy as a bride! I truly can't thank you enough for capturing these moments in such a beautiful way. I can't wait to make prints and hold them in my hands. I am already picturing wall displays in my head! Again, really there are no words to tell you HOW much i love these, and how I will think of you everytime i look at them. Any bride would be lucky to share their big day with you!

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